Variants & Ghost Products Post-Purchase

Ghost Product Basics:

When a customer adds the bundle to their cart they will see a unique bundle number attached to their order. 

This is added as a variant to your bundle's Bundle Product - found in your store’s admin, under 'Products' - this allows us to ensure the inventory is synced correctly when someone purchases the bundle.

A customer purchases a variant by adding it to a cart, and that variant can be in their cart for a long time, and different customers will have different bundle configurations in their cart at the same time - for these reasons, your bundle cannot use just one variant.
A new variant is not created for every bundle sold, just when a new unique different bundle configuration is created- meaning if two customers purchase exactly the same bundle configuration, it'll be just one variant in the store's admin. 
Once the variant list hits 100 entries in your store’s admin, the app will automatically create a new duplicate bundle product, called a ‘ghost bundle product’ - this is linked to the Shopify's platform, which has a 100-variant limit for each product. 

Variants (and associated bundle numbers) are always assigned, however, the number corresponds to the specific mix of items included in that bundle, so the app knows which contents are inside the bundle.

If you had only one bundle available which contained a fixed mix of products A, B and C and this variant was then created, called #000001, every time a customer adds this same bundle with identical components to the cart, the number assigned would always be #000001.

The key part here is that a new number is added only when a new mix of products is added to the bundle, so if another customer then chose products D, E and F, the bundle would be assigned something like #000002 and this would display every time any other customer chooses this particular mix of items.

Bundle Builder will continue to use the variants from the initial ghost bundle product and so you can’t make the ‘old’ products unavailable in your online store - they need to be kept available, or your bundles will get an ‘Out of Stock’ message at check out. 
The best way to avoid having the duplicate bundle products showing in your storefront's Search is to keep the bundles in the automatically created ‘Bundle Builder Products’ collection, that is set to ‘unavailable’. 

Bundle Builder Products Basics:

When the app is initially installed, it automatically creates a new Collection, called 'Bundle Builder Products'. 

This Collection is, by default, set to 'unavailable' and therefore doesn't show the bundle products on the front end, unless you are using /collections/all and then all the created/duplicated bundles will show here. 

We recommend it is best not to add the product bundles to existing collections so that the duplicates don’t then end up in these collections; however if you have to, we recommend you create an "automatic collection" specifically for your bundles. 

Once you've created the automatic collection, you can create a product tag for your bundle products. 

You can then add a condition to the collection to only pull in products with this tag - this will act as a filter and will prevent the duplicate bundle products from showing in the collection, as they won't have the tag when duplicated. 

The duplicates will still exist, just not in the public-facing collection on the website.  

More information on creating automatic collections can be found here:

Hiding or deleting bundle products will mean the cart product link won't work, and a 404 page will be shown instead of redirecting to the bundle page.

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