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Customisation explained

We are always here to offer support relating to core app functionality, such as admin area settings and the app's updates only. 

Any changes outside of an app's core functionality, such as customising the appearance and the way the app operates, constitutes a coding modification and could have ramifications across the entirety of your site. Coding modifications of this nature require technical adjustments and a large amount of testing before being rendered acceptable for use on your live site. Because of this specialised nature, it is necessary that we advise you to reach out to additional service providers in order to ensure your site continues to operate without issue. So it is with your best interests in mind that ourselves and other app developers take this approach.

To outline, regrettably,  we do not offer coding customisation services here at Agile.

Approaching specialists

For adjustments to your app's code, there are a number of customisation specialists available.

We can highly recommend HeyCarson and StoreTasker who carry out Shopify coding tweaks and offer a great service at reasonable rates.

We can also recommend Underwater Pistol, who can help with bigger tasks if needed. The Shopify Experts directory is also a great place to find a local developer.

We're here to help

Of course, we're always happy to receive emails relating to any question at all and will do our very best to advise in any way we can.

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