Multiple SKU Bundle Installation

1. Open the Installation Checker

Open the Bundle Builder app and go to Settings → Installation  → Click "Check" to make sure the Multiple SKU bundle code has been installed correctly to your current theme. You should receive a green tick if successful - if not you will receive an blue warning message:

You can then choose whether you wish to complete the installation. If you're not sure whether Multiple SKU bundles are the right option for your store, you should read our useful guide

If you decide to complete the installation, you will be presented with a number of instructions:

If you encounter any problems during this process and would prefer some assistance, please email us at with your MyShopify URL so we can jump in and lend a hand.

2. Make a backup of your cart template file

Before starting the steps below, please make a duplicate of your cart-template.liquid file in the 'Sections' folder of your theme (or cart.liquid in the 'Templates' folder if the first doesn't exist) and call it:


This new file will act as a back-up, should you need to revert back to before this installation at a later date.

2. Replace variables in cart template

Bundle Builder's Installation Checker will identify exactly which variables need to be changed in your theme code. 

Click each of the blue links to be taken to the correct file, and completely replace the first variable already present in your code, with the new BB variable from the Checker.

To make this easier, you have the option of using the Search File option (Command/Control + F on the keyboard) to jump between search hits:

Agile - Bundle Builder - Finding and Replacing Snippets for Multiple SKU Installation

There may be multiple instances of each snippet to be replaced - depending on your theme - so please ensure you can find no other instance, before moving onto the next code snippet.

3. Add code snippets

There are three snippets to add.

Snippet 1

Add this code snippet as the first line of your cart-template.liquid file:

{% include 'bundlebuilder-cart' %}

Snippet 2

Find a line containing <form with an attribute of either:

  1. action="/cart"
  2. action="{{ routes.cart_url }}"

and insert this code snippet instead of the above:

action="{% if bb_checkout_link %}{{ bb_checkout_link }}{% else %}/cart{% endif %}"


action="{% if bb_checkout_link %}{{ bb_checkout_link }}{% else %}{{ routes.cart_url }}{% endif %}"

and this snippet:

{{ bb_inside_cart }}

on the line below.

Note: For the step above, there may be more than one instance of `<form` lines on your cart page, so make sure you catch them all!

Snippet 3

Find {% for item in cart.items %}and insert this code directly after that line:

{% include 'bundlebuilder-cart-item', item: item %}

Save these changes, once applied. 

4. Check the installation has been completed successfully

Once all the above steps are correct, you should see two success messages - both with green ticks - when you re-test the Checker with the 'Check Button':

Agile - Bundle Builder - Successful Multiple SKU Installation

If any steps are not correctly completed, you should instead see an updated Checker with only the remaining steps listed.

Once you have both green messages, you're done - and can select and make a Multiple SKU Bundle during your next Bundle creation!

If you're still not finding any success, not to worry - as mentioned above, message us at and we're more than happy to get this addressed as quickly as we can. 

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