Bundle Builder allows store owners to create groups of products or variants, which customers can choose from to create unique bundles, gift boxes or product kits. Fixed price or percentage discounts, and minimums and maximums can be attached to each bundle as required.

After purchase, the inventory from each product within the bundle can be removed from the store's inventory (and reversed if an order is cancelled).

How does it work?

It's a simple one-click install - there's no coding required. You can create your first bundle in minutes with 3 easy steps:

  1. Set up the bundle
  2. Choose your products
  3. Apply your discounts and limits

Once you have completed the settings for your bundle, Bundle Builder creates a 'ghost' product in your Shopify store. 

These ghost products allow the app to fully integrate with the Shopify platform, but won't be seen by your customer - when they open the product page in question, the app will automatically redirect them to a separate page completely under the app's full control. 

This is the Bundle configuration page. Once on this page, customers select their products from the available Bundle Items, before adding the bundle to their cart.

During this final process all product images, variants and stock are updated live, and once a purchase is complete, the inventory is removed from all of the products in the bundle automatically.

Having a bundle product page allows you to share the 'product' in newsletters and on social media.


The main installation is automatic, with no code to change.

Just open the app in your store and you're ready to get started creating bundles. And to help you on your way, we've added a 90-second tour of the main features of the app to help you get started.

There is the option of proceeding with the optional Multiple SKU Installation - this adds some additional functionality to your bundles but is by no means compulsory, and our Support team is on hand to assist you with this process if needed. 

Fully Customisable.

You can add discounts, maximums and minimums to each bundle, and after each purchase, the inventory of each individual product is automatically removed.

Single or Multipage Bundles.

You can create single page bundles or multi-page 'sectioned' bundles, allowing you to separate your products into different sections. 

This could be especially useful for building bundles that fall into different categories, allowing the user to 'build' a product, such as a suit, or a custom product.

Discounts and limits.

You can add fixed price or percentage discounts and combine these with product limits, and minimums and maximums for each bundle.

Product tracking.

The app provides the option to create a unique SKU for the bundle product. Customer's bundle contents information (including product names, variant types, SKUs) is also transferable via the Shopify admin API - this is especially useful for 3rd party fulfilment apps/ inventory systems where bundle contents data needs to be received.


The app is easily translated into any language using text input fields in the Settings area of the app.

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