We are always looking for ways to improve our apps. If there are any feature updates you feel would improve Bundle Builder, we'd love to hear them.

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September 2019

  • Increased the maximum file size for product images.

May 2019 

  • Launched new Help Docs website with searchable FAQs allowing merchants to find answers to their questions easily and quickly. 

April 2019 

  • Launched "Separate products" functionality to enable products to show individually in orders. 
  • Launched in-app Help beacon to support merchants on their bundle journey. 

March 2019

  • New CSS deployed to improve the default styling for the page.
  • Added a WYSIWYG editor to the bundle description to allow better customisation of the bundle description.

February 2019

  • Launched Template Creator, a tool to allow developers to create their own bundle page template.  

January 2019

  • Launched an Analytics module in the app using Shopify’s GraphQL Admin API. Analytics will provide merchants with quick view statistics on their bundle sales plus enhanced export functionality with filtering abilities.
  • Fade out the Save button unless there is something new to save in the bundle admin.

November 2018

  • Added new ‘Help’ feature in the app which provides app users with immediate access to support and previously asked questions to help solve issues faster.
  • Enhanced app infrastructure including servers and increased loading speeds for the app.

October 2018

  • Added new CSS classes to the multi-section bundle format to make the bundle contents box editable with custom CSS.
  • Fixed the ‘Edit bundle’ functionality on the cart page.

September 2018

  • Option for 3rd party systems such as fulfilment, warehouse, and inventory services and applications, to read information about the contents of the bundles purchased by your customers via a metafield in the Shopify admin API. See the FAQ page for more details.

August 2018

  • We've simplified the layout for the bundle creation process to make it more user-friendly. All the same features are there, just organised into 3 sections: Set-up, Products and Configuration.
  • Shopify update; Mandatory webhooks. All Shopify app developers who handle personal information are required to subscribe to mandatory webhooks. These changes will not affect your store, they will allow Shopify to send us push notifications when customers/merchants request personal data.
  • Loading times: We're continually improving and optimising the app code for page loading speed to ensure your customers are seeing your bundles as quickly as possible.

July 2018

  • Ability to have detailed product information appear in modals on the bundle page. You can test this new feature by going to the bundle admin area and selecting the checkbox that says Show 'read more' link. This read more link will now open a modal with the detailed product description and show additional product images.
  • Shopify platform change to manage inventory across multiple locations. Shopify is adding new inventory management functionality to the platform which means we've had to make a few changes to our Bundle Builder app to ensure compatibility. This should not affect you, but please let us know if you notice anything.
  • You can now export all bundle order data over 60 days. Shopify recently made a change to restrict apps access to merchant's order data passed 60 days. We have just been granted permission to read all orders, so you can download all your bundle data in our export functionality.
  • The bundle app will now automatically update to show the next variant when sold out. When you have a product with a variant that has sold out, the app will automatically show the next variant instead of showing a 'sold out' label.

May 2018

  • Option to combine the quantities of products in the cart and in order confirmations
  • Option to select and add variants to bundles instead of products
  • Improved merchant onboarding process with the option to ‘Take a 90 second tour of the app’
  • Option to add multiple of the same product in required products

April 2018

  • Optimized bundle saving time
  • Optimized bundle loading speeds
  • Ability for a bundle to function when only required products are selected

February 2018

  • Checkbox added to enable line item properties to show in the cart and in email notifications. This will display the bundle contents so customers can see the items they have purchased

January 2018

  • Progress bar added to export orders
  • Option to create a ‘sample’ bundle using your products in a single click to see how the app works
  • Extra check at cart level to ensure no negative inventory

December 2017

  • Minimums per section
  • Server side validation of bundle conditions
  • Set first bundle product variant price to lowest achievable price

November 2017

  • New 'Orders' section
  • Added option to restrict 'overfilling' of bundles
  • Free plans for 'Referral' stores
  • Option to now change the 'title' of the bundle (in cart settings)
  • Ability to hide single variant options within the new 'Store' option

October 2017

  • Option to hide single option variants
  • New UX functionality
  • Add in option to have both minimum price and minimum products, they both have to be reached.
  • Add option to add 'Vendor'
  • Add option to install BundleBuilder on unpublished themes
  • Fixed re-ordering of products
  • Add CSS for disabled inputs
  • Added SKU for variants

September 2017

  • Option to move the buy now
  • Product defaults (tax enabled)
  • Warning when creating fixed discounts
  • Add vanilla as a css option (no css) and change to radio buttons
  • Option to duplicate bundles (in the admin)
  • Span's around the money on graphs
  • Error when searching in 'Admin'
  • Add in option for bundles to show straight away
  • You can now set fixed prices for bundles (make sure to setup a minimum!)
  • We have removed pausing for any bundles
  • Header images can now be added to each bundle
  • 'Minimal' - A new design thats a perfect starting point to integrate BundleBuilder into your stores design
  • Graph improvments - Now even easier to see how your bundles are performing
  • Weights - The weight of each bundle is now calculated, ensuring shipping prices are correct
  • Multi section descriptions - You can now add descriptions to each section of multi-section bundles
  • Optional links to the full products, ensuring customers get all the information they need

August 2017

  • New option to show duplicate products as singular in the bundle contents, and changed the wording for maximum bundles.
  • Allow HTML in the 'Bundle Description'
  • Raise the 20 product limit, disable 'Add to Cart' buttons once a maximum is reached, and set a 'Maximum' products per bundle
  • Fixed incorrect color labels, and further tweaked the product price. (Thanks again Jonny)
  • Added support for BEST Currency convertor, Shopify Reviews and Yotpo, as well as changing the 'Bundle price' to the price of the lowest price product. (Thanks Jonny)
  • Fixed incorrect color labels, and tweaked the product price
  • Remove HTML from product descriptions.
  • Fixed variant images not showing in 'Details' section. (Thanks Susan)
  • Launch :)
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