Inventory Tracking

Bundle Builder collects available inventory for all products in all bundles if inventory management is set to "Shopify".

It then sets the number of available bundles according to the number the of products available (so the bundle can't be purchased if there is not enough products in stock).

The moment a customer purchases a bundle, inventory of all products (where inventory management is set to Shopify) is decreased. This is because we need to prevent other customers from purchasing the same product at that point. Inventory is decreased when a customer places the order, rather than before. So, if two customers were trying to buy the same product (as part of a bundle), this mechanism will prevent both customers from buying and only allow one customer to purchase the bundle.

When an order is cancelled, inventory will be increased back to their previous levels.

If you are experiencing specific issues with your inventory, send us an email, with the following information:

  • Order number
  • URL
  • Bundle URL 
  • Inventory history
  • Any relevant backend variant links from the problem bundle
  • Screenshots if needed

Send your message to:

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