Draft Orders & App Compatibility

All Agile apps will be able to operate alongside most apps and Shopify platform-features - as long as they are not sharing the Shopify Draft Orders function. 

Our app will need exclusive access to for your storefront in this way, in order to function correctly.

Should both the Agile app and your additional third-party app need to use "draft orders" functionality, this is will cause a conflict, creating potential issues - one would need to be uninstalled, or your third-party app may accommodate code alterations to remedy this.

It is definitely recommended (if you have not already done so) to check in with your third party apps' developers and see if this is a change they would be able to make, as they will be able to advise further regarding integration from their side and may also be able to supply detailed information as to what their app needs. 

(Every app is different in the way it operates on a coding level and so the app developers themselves are best placed for information relating to this).

Unfortunately, on Agile's side, this cannot be changed, although we are looking into finding a work-around.

Of course, once you have spoken with your third-party app developers, we would be happy to assist if you require any technical information about Bundle Builder to get things sorted.

To clarify, this 'Draft Orders' conflict is a platform limitation rather than being app-specific - only one app can use this feature at one time.

For additional context, no current Agile app was built to be specifically compatible with other apps.

Whilst we make no claim or comment on the suitability or compatibility of one app versus another, we are always happy to forward suggestions on to our development team so they can investigate the possibility of incorporating a specific integration amendment, in a future release, depending on demand.

Please contact our Support team if you wish to make a request and this will be added to our records so we can more accurately gauge merchant needs and prioritise these accordingly.


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