Auto-generated Variants & Inventory Levels

Firstly, please read through our FAQ on how Bundle Builder uses variants and ghost products as part of normal operation:

Variants and ghost products

Plus, how inventory works (for both bundle types):


Also, the two bundle types available:

Bundle types

Every auto-created variant in your admin area will match one specific bundle configuration. The app does this only if using the single SKU bundle option. Each quantity value refers to how many of that specific bundle configuration can be created, given current inventory for all products in that particular bundle configuration. 

Nothing needs to be done manually for these, or indeed for ghost products and shouldn't be manually adjusted as the number is computed from inventory of existing products. This is completed by the app almost in real time, however, there might be slight delay, of around 5 mins or so.

To reiterate, these inventory values shouldn't need to be edited at all.

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