Tiered Discounts

Bundle Builder's new Tiered discount feature allows you to add multiple discount levels to your bundles. This is ideal for merchants who want to encourage bulk purchases. 

The Tiered Discount settings can be found in the Pricing section of the bundle editor

As with the existing Flat discount feature, you can choose from 3 different discount types: 

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed price

You can then choose from 3 criteria for each tier: 

  • Total number of products
  • Quantity of single product
  • Total bundle price.

As the tiers can have different criteria, you have even more flexibility in creating your discounts. There is no limit to the number of tiers you can set

If the bundle qualifies for more than one discount at the same time, then by default only the greatest discount will be applied. However, if you want to allow multiple discounts to be applied at once you can set this in the bundle editor. However, we advise that you use this feature cautiously, as it could drastically decrease the bundle price.

We are looking to import the Tiered discount functionality into our Template Creator system in the near future. 

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